About Us

Back in the year 2008 a team of software engineers and entrepreneurs met in a critical and new software project on-site at an automotive OEM. Soon they realized that the term "software development process" was an completely unknown area for automobile manufacturers. Out of this environment Joomo GmbH was created.

Today Joomo GmbH does process optimization scoping the development process of large scale software projects based on automated software-integration, automated testing, quality control, hosting and software development in automotive space.

We provide and enable all mentioned layers to our customers shortening their time-to-market and enable them to reduce costs by measuring, define, set and re-define the right KPIs dynamically during the process. This results in effective and living process optimization.

Our clients are industry leaders and global trend setters relying on our technical expertise cutting edge hardware and superb technical expertise what we combine with creativity and dynamics.

Joomo GmbH is headquartered in Hannover Laatzen, Germany.

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