Trainings for MIB or CNS project members

Beginning July 2019 the Joomo GmbH will offer training especially designed for big projects, such as MIB HU HMI or CNS HU HMI, in order to reduce the ramp up time of new members and to further train already existing members. The content of the trainings will help to give participants an overview of all main tools and processes within 4 days. No where else you will get such a good overview over all topics for working in one of the biggest projects.


The topics will be:

  • Basics of JIRA
  • Basics of Confluence
  • Basics of bash/cmd
  • Basics of WinSCP
  • Basics of Maven
  • Basics of SVN/Tortoise
  • Basics of Certificates and 2FA
  • Registration at Joomo GmbH Services
  • SVN MIB Integration Process
  • Architecture of MIB
  • The Glasswall
  • MIB JIRA Workflows (for KPM Issues, Internal Issues or ABPs)
  • Development Workflows for Models and Code
  • Simulator Overview
  • The Joomo CloudBuilder
  • Python Tests
  • RemoteTarget

These trainings will result in a reduction of development costs during the entire process. Please contact us for details.

Remote Device Testing

Remote Device Testing (RDT) is a system to reduce costs and increase effectiveness during development phase of Infotainment/Navigation – Systems

The main features are:

  • Online bookable prototypes (target-devices) from anywhere and anytime.
  • Direct control over the development and testing process.
  • Remote Update.
  • Remote controllability of the respective Head-Units and periphery without changing the natural behavior. Non - Invasive approach.
  • Remote usability, maintenance and remote tests virtualizing the physical user, let it be developer, tester management and sales or marketing for demonstration purposes.
  • Developers , testers, feature owners, quality controllers and management are able to access the target simultaneously or sequentially so that they can see and control the development process and progress live.
  • Customer can strategically place the expensive and rare prototypes in safe and secure places.
  • Business Infrastructure Interface to bug tracking systems, databases and other.
  • True KPI measurement enabler.

This results in development costs reduction during the entire process. Please contact us for details or a demonstration.

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Software Integration

We fully automate your software Integration process from top to down.

We perform this using state of the art tools combining them with a self developed tool chain enabling our customer to tweak all facets of the integration process as per their needs. Here we focus on 24/7 services what is capable to change and adapt quickly to any kind of new changes or demands.

User Management

Our User Management enables the user to access the right business process resources such as web based applications for product management , bug tracking systems , databases as well source code managment interfaces and many more servers and systems in a highly secured manner. Please contact for more information.

Secure Hosting

Our Secure Hosting adds an additional layer of security to the entire business process and its underlaying separately secured business process resources such as high performant servers. It makes use of two-factor authentication which is the requirement of a second piece of information before allowing access to an account. So users must enter both pieces of data, username and password plus a generated piece of data the time they login to the account or service.

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