The Framegrabber enables worldwide connection to prototypes in order to remotely test the software and operating systems of infotainment systems.

It is interposed between an infotainment system and the infotainment display and picks up the images along the way, making it available for remote device testing on the network, for example. This allows manual tests to be monitored.

Joomo offers you two devices:
Framegrabber I and Framegrabber Mobile.

Framegrabber EN

Framegrabber I

Technical data of the Framegrabber I:

  • LVDS 2 and LVDS 3 with automatic switching
  • Web interface for IP configuration and display
  • Images as png stream
  • Resolutions up to 1280×720
  • Up to 6 images per second

Framegrabber Mobile

The Framegrabber Mobile additionally offers the possibility to operate and test infotainment systems remotely via a browser during test drives.

The images can also be tapped and made available on the network.

Developer in the test center

Test vehicle while driving


  • Several vehicles can be connected at the same time.
  • Via an optional webcam in the vehicle it is possible to see the driver’s view remotely.
  • By integrating communication software, it is possible for the driver and the tester to talk to each other.
  • Possibility to record the tapped display content into a video file.
  • Different scaling possible (e.g. input 2240×1260 to output 1120×630).

Technical data of the frame grabber mobile:

  • Single & Dual FPD-Link III (LVDS)
    • Resolutions up to 2240×1260
    • Up to 30 frames per second
    • 24 bit color resolution
  • Web interface for IP configuration and display
  • Images as PNG stream and VNC view
  • Gigabit network connection
  • Data transmission: router + sim card
  • WLAN-capable, for e.g. backup-hotspot
  • Dimensions: 16,4 x 10,9 x 4,5 cm
  • Optional extensions:
    • 3 [CAN FD] transceivers
    • 1 plug-in AI module