About us

At the beginning of the 20th century, software development in vehicle construction became increasingly important. Modern infotainment systems and the countless assistance systems posed great challenges for car manufacturers in view of the software development process, which was a completely unknown subject until then. Added to this was the ever-increasing variety of vehicle models and shorter development times.

A small team of software developers and a team from one of the largest car manufacturers in the world met to discuss a new critical software project in 2008. From this joint project, Joomo GmbH was born.

Year of foundation: 2008
Location: Hanover/Laatzen
Number of employees: 35
Focus: Software development in the automotive sector

Qualifikationens and experience of our employees

Our IT team consists of IT specialists who bring extensive IT knowledge/experience with them.

Our employees have a wide range of IT skills, qualifications and experience:

  • Project management of complex software and IT projects
  • Programming languages: Java, Python, C, C++, PHP
  • JIRA programming skills including administration and customisation as well as handling the REST API
  • Scripting in Python, Ruby, Shell and Batch
  • Server knowledge/setup/maintenance of Tomcat, Nexus, Jenkins and their jobs

  • Operation of complex IT systems (server, storage systems, blade architecture, routers and switches)
  • IT architectures
  • Data security and security standards for the automotive sector
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • Knowledge of replicating data from SVN, Nexus, WebDav
  • Build processes in Maven for Java (and CPP)
  • Process standards Spice, CMMI, V-model, Scrum
  • Source code management in Subversion (including hooks)
  • Daily/Nightly Build Integration with Jenkins
  • Automatic replication to internal drives of the supplied third-party software